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Fleet of Lorries

Superfast 3G / 4G on-board vehicle CCTV protection for all drivers...

Developed by fleet management and haulage experts to help save you money on insurance claims

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Fleet of Lorries
Fleet of Lorries

We are haulage experts and have experienced the problems that fleet managers and drivers face...

Our service is dedicated to providing superfast on-board CCTV vehicle recording systems that help protect drivers in the event of a traffic incident or dispute. Our camera systems can be added to your existing vehicle tracking and load planning software saving you time, money and headaches when it comes to insurance claims. We won’t try to baffle you with risk management data, or sign you up to new tracking software - our camera systems will simply and easily protect you and your business from fraudulent claims..

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We deliver on-board vehicle CCTV solutions with superfast 3G / 4G connectivity

Fastview360 gives you the speed, event location and crucial video footage of any traffic incident within minutes of it happening, allowing you to quickly defend you / your company against fraudulent insurance claims.


We can protect your fleet AND save you money on costly insurance claims

Our system delivers a proven reduction to loss ratio and aids mitigation of whiplash/personal injury claims. It provides concrete evidence about an incident which increases the speed of a claim settlement and helps keep premiums lower.

We can help lower insurance premiums for any company where vehicles are essential to the business

We provide camera systems suitable for any type of vehicle and size of business; suitable for one man bands, fleet and hire fleet operators, taxi companies, company cars/vans and privately owned vehicles.

Our superfast on-board CCTV systems protect all kinds of vehicles and the drivers

We install modular camera systems that can be fitted to any type of vehicle. Knowing that a CCTV system is installed improves driver focus and therefore offers protection to drivers and operators of all sorts of vehicles.

When inexperienced drivers take to the road our CCTV systems can provide valuable peace of mind

When new drivers know that their progress is being monitored it can really help to focus their minds on keeping safe, which in turn builds confidence and results in lower insurance premiums.

Here’s how we can help to protect drivers AND save you money...

There are many benefits to be gained by installing our on-board vehicle CCTV system; from defending yourself from fraudulent insurance claims, protecting yourself from delivery thefts to improving driver focus and safety. Here are some of the key features:

3G / 4G Live Streaming

Superfast connectivity delivers high quality, real-time remote viewing to your PC, tablet or phone.

Continuous HD Recording

Clear, reliable HD recordings which are easy to review and locate incidents. No need to reformat SD cards or miss vital evidence due to lack of space.


HD Cameras can be installed to capture a 360 degree view of the vehicle inside and out ensuring that every angle is covered in the event of an incident.

GPS Vehicle Location

Built in GPS gives precise data about speed, direction, route and event location. It works independently of your own vehicle tracking system if fitted.

Insurance Benefits

Our system delivers a proven reduction to loss ratio and aids mitigation of whiplash / personal injury claims. It provides concrete evidence about an incident which increases the speed of a claim settlement.

Driver Focus and Protection

Knowing that our system is installed improves driver focus which in turn results in fewer accidents. Drivers with smart phones can connect to cameras via wifi at no extra cost, so able to view any night time disturbance outside the vehicle from the safety of the cab.

Our product range can be tailored for fleet managment requirements to small businesses and individual drivers

We only fit the highest quality camera systems available which can be trusted to provide you with clear, reliable footage of any traffic incident minutes after it occurs. The camera systems are easy to use and reviewing footage is simple and quick. Up to 2 months worth of on vehicle data storage is available, so there are no additional costs for servers based at offices to store vast amounts of data not required. Our cameras are really easy to fit and can be installed by your own workshop in just 3 hours* so you won’t have to take your vehicle/s off the road to suit outside contractors. Please click on any product below for full specifications.

We fit the next generation of vehicle cameras with HD storage to avoid SD card formatting problems
Fastview 360 Superfast Camera System


1 Camera + FBox

Suitable for all cars, vans and smaller vehicles such as fork lift trucks

Fastview360 2CF Camera System


2 Cameras + FBox

Suitable for all cars, small and larger vans, fork lift trucks, tractor units and diggers

Fastview360 3CF - 3 Camera System


3 Cameras + FBox

Suitable for small and larger vans, fork lift trucks, tractor units, diggers, flatbed trucks and smaller lorries.

Fastview360 4CF


4 Cameras + FBox

Suitable for larger vans, tractor units, flatbed trucks, all sorts of lorries and commercial vehicles.

Fastview360 5CF


5 Cameras + FBox

Suitable for large vans, trucks, lorries and buses.

Fastview360 5CF


6 Cameras + FBox

Suitable all large urban vehicles and HGVs

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